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The morning of Thursday, October 29th, United Supermarkets teamed with Lubbock Impact to donate food to the Lubbock community in honor of the late Rory Thomas, who was executive director of Lubbock Impact.

While also being a founding member of Lubbock Impact, Thomas was responsible for expanding the services of the organizations, transforming it from a soup kitchen to an organization that helped people with everything from medical care to clothing.

Lubbock Impact and United Supermarkets donated meals to 260 families, something Lubbock Impact board president Jason Pace said the company was wanting to do to remember Thomas. The donation included reusable bags, enchilada casseroles, bags of salad, bottles of dressing and bags of deli tortilla chips.

Rory Thomas, LubbockImpact.com
Rory Thomas, LubbockImpact.com

Thomas passed away the morning of Sunday, October 17th due to complications with COVID-19. Funeral services for Thomas were held on Wednesday, October 21st.

Pace said:

Rory was an unstoppable force for good in the community [...] Lubbock Impact's mission of transforming lives, renewing minds, and educating families was Rory's vision. She cared deeply about not only meeting people's needs but trying to help them find a better way forward. Rory is irreplaceable but Lubbock Impact will continue to try and point people towards faith in Jesus Christ by meeting their physical needs just as Rory did so elegantly for more than a decade. Rory's unshakable faith was on display till the very end. She will be missed.

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