(First notice the palm trees? At a university in London?)

Let's start with a study about men and women and how each handles pain. According to a new study out of Queen Mary University in London, it's official: WOMEN handle pain better than men. The study took brain scans to try to understand how men and women approach the idea of pain. They found women spend less time focusing on FEAR and more time preparing and planning how they'll handle and overcome the pain. Meanwhile men focus almost exclusively on the fear of the pain and don't prep themselves to handle it. Because of that difference, women handle the pain in a more rational way. Dr. Steven Coen led the study. He says, quote, "We're not saying men and women feel pain differently, but the way the brain interprets the pain may differ.

"That's a good place to start. Women handle pain more rationally than men do. Physical pain. However women still handle emotional pain on a level that most men will never understand. Which is why, as a guy, I would like to plead with you ladies out there to think about the impending pain in advance, and react accordingly. The pain I speak of is the pain of a failed marriage proposal.


According to a new survey by TheKnot.com, 26% of women, or one out of four, say they HATE the way their boyfriend proposed.  The main complaints were that the proposal wasn't romantic, original, or personal.  The next most common complaint was about the spectacle . . . women who wanted an over-the-top proposal got a small, intimate one, and vice versa.

Now ladies no matter how much you would like us to have that special mental power of being able to read your minds, we can't. And we will never have that power. So if you have a specific scenario in mind when it comes to how you should be proposed to, you should make that common knowledge to your man WAY before you ever think he's going to pop your question.


So let's combine what we've learned today shall we? You ladies know that we're boud to screw something major up at some point in the relationship, and you are better geared at handling pain. So you have 2 options the way I see it:

1) You can blatantly and obviously steer us in the direction you want us to go when it comes to the major aspects of the romantic vision you've had for your life since you were a little girl, or

2) you can brace yourself for the pain and be prepared.

(HINT-Try for #1!)

Or you just might end up like some of these unfortunate women. (And look who the host is in the first video!)

But remember, sometimes the grandiose style works too! Remember this from a few years back?

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