Okay so as a guy I know that Justin Bieber and all the mania that follows him can get a little old. Girls crying and screaming chasing and stalking, I get it. But i do not wish any ill will towards the kid! These two guys on the other hand really really really hate the Biebs.

We'll never know how close Justin actually was to being strangled to death and then castrated, but apparently, he was closer than you might imagine. Dana Martin is a New Mexico inmate who's serving life for the rape and murder of a 15-year-old girl. From behind bars he actually hatched a plan to have Justin killed and mutilated.

Martin convinced fellow inmate Mark Staake to 86 Justin for him when he got out of the penitentiary. Once free, Staake did recruit his nephew Tanner Ruane to help him.  They planned to carry out the cowardly act last month in NYC.

The plan called for Staake and Ruane to take out a total of four people. Two unknown victims in Vermont, then Justin and his bodyguard while they were in New York for tour dates last month. Crazy right? No not yet. Martin wanted the two to strangle the victims with paisley ties, which is apparently Martin's thing, then cut off their genitalia with pruning shears. Apparently the rehab up in New Mexico is not working on Mr. Martin aka freakalishous.

Th obsessed Martin has a huge tattoo of Bieber on his leg must have decided to spare Justin as he he eventually told the cops about his masterful plan and stopped the attacks before they could happen. The scary part? Staake was arrested in Vermont, sight of two victims and Ruane made it to New York, site of Bieber before he was caught.

If that's not enough, Martin offered his two disciples a $2500 cash bounty on each of Bieber's testicles. WTF?

Who said being famous is all it's cracked up to be?


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