A few months ago, I wrote about how the potential end of DACA was blaming children for the sins of their parents. (Here is that previous article if you want to know my thoughts.)

We talked about Lubbock resident Uriel Granados, who has lived in the US since age 7 and is one of the Dreamers.

He had this to say:

It's tough and very stressful everything that's happening. When I came here my parents convinced me that this was the best thing for me. That I would have a chance to follow my dreams.

As I grew up I started realized how hard it was to be here without documentation. It wasn't until Obama passed DACA that I felt like I was part of this country.

I have fought for my rights as human so much from being able to marry the person I love to gaining the right to have a job. Knowing that I'm sitting on a time bomb is so hard.

I don't want to go back to Mexico.

It's a beautiful country (Mexico) but I just don't know it anymore. And as an openly gay man, it's even tougher. They are not as open as the US. All I can say that even with this heart ache I have to stay positive and continue to fight. My days might be numbered in the US but while I can, I will try to help others.

Recently a federal judge ruled that DACA recipients could re-apply now, but that is just it -- it needs to be now!

Our friend Uriel missed the previous deadline to re-apply for DACA protections due to lack of funds. For someone who lives on a limited income, the fees can be very hard to obtain.

A GoFundMe has been established to raise the funds necessary for Uriel to pay the fees and attorney it is going to take to stay in this county. Every little bit can help Uriel stay in this country.

Sending him back to Mexico as a result of something his parents did is wrong. He should have the ability to live the American dream like all of us do.

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