So it's that time again. Time to give those vices the boot once and for all. Every year I do this blog and every year the resolutions are the same. Does no one make a resolution that sticks? Or are the vices we give up so rampant in our society that there is always someone there to pick up the bad habit we just put down? Here you go guys and girls your Top 3 New Year resolutions for 2013.

#1 This one is no suprise. Lose Weight. Everyone over did it throughout the holidays and now those jeans are skin tight for sure. It may be 5lbs or 100lbs, everyone has a little weight to lose for the new year. What about you? Just a few pounds to lose or are you in it to win it 100 percent at the gym this year?

#2 An estimayed 19.3% or 43 million Americans buy at least a pack a day. Those dirty little ciggerettes seem to make the top of evetones list year after year. You would think our Government would step in and save the lives of it's population but you might as well take on GOD himself rather than mess with big tobacco cooperations. They funnel billions to our states representives and congress making sure that America keeps smoking. If we were dealing with 100% pure tobacco products the temptation and addiction would be cut in half but as long as we buy a product full of poisions and chemicals that keep us addicted we are on our own. Oh, I forgot about the expensive stop smoking medications and products and 1-800 number you can call to get help. Thanks big tobacco.

#3 Living paycheck to paycheck is one of the scariest and biggest producers of stress in our lives so sorting out your finances so that the books balance is one of the Top 3 this year. The resssion is over according to Washington. Agree if you will, but times continue to be hard and more and more American families are losing their homes and left to the streets to fend for themselves. After Christmas and New Year the overdraft is going to be up to its limit and the credit cards will be maxed out. If possible cut up the credit cards to resist temptation and get working on a realistic household budget. Shop around for insurances use comparison websites to get the best deal for your utilities. Make a budget for the New Year and ensure that you stick to it. This is one New Year’s resolution that will guarantee the family a much more secure financial future.

Good Luck this coming year. All the best for you and yours...Biggy


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