As the end of the year approaches and the new year is just around the corner, many people are planning out their resolutions.  

The most popular resolutions tend to do with self-improvement, like exercising more, eating healthier, or losing weight. And others want to lead a better life by spending more time with friends and family, saving money, or spending less time online. No matter what your resolution is, it can be nice to have a fresh start and an open mind to new possibilities.  

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If you are looking to change your lifestyle, but aren’t a fan of the typical resolutions listed above, I have an idea for you based on a series of viral TikToks.  

Charlie James, a popular TikToker came up with a way of living that I think is fun, clever, and seems downright peaceful. That is to never do anything that a little frog on a lily pad wouldn’t do. This concept then led to a whole series of videos sharing things you can and cannot do based on that lifestyle.  

Photo by Wouter van der Velde on Unsplash
Photo by Wouter van der Velde on Unsplash

I will include a few videos with examples of how to live like a little frog on a lily pad, but first, I want to share my favorite ones. 

Things I can and cannot do as a little frog on a lily pad:

  1. I can go to tea parties, but I have to mind my manners 
  2. I cannot be a hype beast 
  3. I cannot kill, but I am allowed to wreak havoc 
  4. I cannot invest in cryptocurrency, but I can toss a coin into a wishing well 
  5. I can do a puzzle by candlelight 

If this sounds like the kind of life you'd like to live, I suggest making it your New Year's resolution. You can also follow Charlie James for more fun content and things way to live as a little frog.

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