Is there anything quite as healing and comforting as a piping-hot bowl of delicious soup The constant change in temps here in Lubbock has left me woefully un-acclimated to being cold. Not to mention the lovely allergies that are giving me and everyone else massive sinus pressure.

But don't worry -- here's a list of fantastic local soups that soothe

  • 1

    Caldo at Taqueria Autlan

    Taqueria Autlan is amazing for many reasons, and their Caldos are no exception. Whether you opt for beef, chicken or seafood they are all delicious, warm and homemade.

  • 2

    Tom Yum at Thai Kitchen

    Tom Yum is probably my favorite soup for when I'm not feeling great (ok, hungover). The spicy, citrusy, herby flavor is amazing, but not for everyone. If you're not an adventurous eater or hate cilantro this isn't your soup. But if you are and you do, welcome to your new obsession.

  • 3

    Green Chili Stew at Cattle Baron

    Cattle Barons green chili stew is a West Texas classic- filling, delicious and savory. They also have an excellent rotating selection of soups on their incredible salad bar- my favorite is the posole.

  • 4

    Pho at I Love Pho

    Pho is food and fun in my opinion. I love the huge portions of this Vietnamese noodle soup. I Love Pho, in addition to having a super cute name, delivers with a selection of different Pho- I really enjoy the seafood version. I recommend getting a Thai Tea while you're there.

  • 5

    Tomato Bisque at La Madeleine

    If you're looking for creamy and rich- this soup will not disappoint. A warm cup of this bisque is really soothing to a sore throat- but if you have a sore throat do us a favor and order it to go ok? A great runner up is their French Onion which is incredibly savory.