Not everyone is a chef and even people who love to cook can run out of time during the holidays. Maybe you have the sides down, but no room in the oven to accommodate a turkey for 8 hours. Or maybe you make a great bird but need creative sides. Here's a list, in no particular order, of local businesses that can take the stress out of holiday meals for you.


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    Market Street

    I practically live at my neighborhood Market Street. For years now I've gotten a yummy healthy meal from their deli line about once a week. They have scrumptious sides and perfectly cooked meats. And they have every ability to scale that up into a whole holiday meal, or even a whole party or event. Their turkey is phenomenal year round, but certainly perfect for Thanksgiving or Christmas. They have numerous party platters that would either be an elegant addition to your holiday table or a great way to handle family pre-meal snacking or even breakfast the next day. From appetizers to desert, Market Street has got you covered.

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    Raider Red Meats

    If your looking to add perfectly prepared and quality meat to your holiday table, Raider Red Meats has you covered. Raider Red Meats supplied our tailgates this year and the food was phenomenal. As a bonus, you are supporting Texas Tech Meat Sciences scholarships with your purchase. Fun fact: Texas Tech's meat judging team is perhaps the finest and best in the nation, check out their national championship record here.

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    Got the turkey covered but want some elegant platters? Spec's has some of the prettiest in town. They make lovely olive trays, cheese boards and crudités platters. If you need an alternative and decadent main course, let them prepare a whole beef tenderloin for you.

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    Glazed Honey Ham

    Glazed Honey Ham is more than just ham (although- who doesn't love ham?) They offer a wide selection of prepared meats including smoked and cajun fried turkey. You can also pick up your Prater's side dish items there.

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    Honey Child Catering

    I love Honeychild catering and have been lucky enough to sample their southern style cuisine and fresh platters on multiple occasions- from small tea services all the way to massive weddings. Friendly and super professional, Honeychild delivers (both literally and figuratively). Honeychild is very local, so get orders into the asap to ensure you can get on their list this holiday.