Valentine's Day is just a few days away and a lot of you out there are single and loving it, except for that one day. Don't do something stupid like downing a bottle of wine and calling ex just because it's Valentine's Day! Trust me I have made this mistake and it will create a mess that will take weeks to get over. Here are some tips I found at for getting thru this day of love while being single.

1) Wear Blinders -Every where you go will screaming It's Valentine's Day, I'm In Love!!!" So try and avoid places that you know will be in the spirit! Try to avoid malls, restaurants, and grocery stores as much as possible, since they're going to be decked out with cheesy Valentine's Day stuff.  Instead, get your friends together and go to a local dive bar or a concert. Make sure and find your single friends and do the Anti-Valentine's Day party and for God's sake, stay away from your ex! In fact turn your phone off for the evening and just go cut loose.

2) Stay In With A Movie - You don't have to go out at all you know. Hit up OnDemand or Redbox and get a couple of action or comedies to watch. (Please no romantic stuff) Order you favorite Chinese take out, grab a pint of Ben and Jerry's and VEG OUT!

3) Treat Yourself - You just happen to have a little extra money that you did not spend on a gift or candy and crap like that so go buy yourself a gift. After all you are your favorite person to spoil so go and do just that. A massage and spa day maybe?

4)Go Hit The Gym - Why not make good on your resolution to visit the gym? Get in there and shed unwelcome holiday heft along with the blues. An aerobic workout releases almost as many mood-enhancing endorphins as chocolate.

There you go kiddos. I hope everyone has a great day...
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