Over the past year, some Lubbock residents have had to transition from using the shared dumpster system most of the city uses, to having individual trash bins at each house.

If you’ve never lived in an area that uses this bin system, it might’ve been a bit shocking and unfamiliar to move away from what you are used to. You’ve never had to bring your trash to the curb, be responsible for where your bin ends up on a windy day, or been limited when throwing out larger items. 

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As someone that grew up with the individual bin system, it was a learning curve to get used to dumpsters. Admittedly, I ended up preferring it. However, growing up with bins, I know all the tips and tricks to make it an easier process.  

So, if you’ve had to make the switch to bins, here are some tips to make your life easier. 

Mark Your Bin 

A major problem with having bins in Lubbock is that they tend to get knocked over in the wind. Lubbock is a particularly breezy city, so when big gusts blow through your street on trash pick-up day, there will be bins scattered all over the road. When this happens, bins get mixed up, people end up with someone else’s bin on their property, and it becomes a bigger task of hunting down what bin belongs to whom. To avoid this, go ahead and mark your bin. I suggest tying a colored ribbon or luggage tag with your last name and house number to the handle. 

Use Your Side Yard 

While it might make the most sense or seem the easiest to keep your bins in your front yard or by the garage, most people don’t want to stare at trash bins every time they get home. If you really want to keep them tucked away and even make it easier to take out the trash, place them in your side yard, just inside the gate. This means you can easily take your trash out through your back door, and they stay out of sight. If you don’t want to keep them in the backyard, simply place them along the side of your house out front. 

Place Them Strategically  

Last, but definitely not least, be sure to place them strategically when bringing them to the cub on trash day. Place them along the larger side of your yard, so they don’t make their way into your neighbor’s yard, and place them a few feet apart so the truck can easily pick them up without having to push them around.  

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