It is time for the Buffalo Springs Lake 2017 fishing tournament.  The event will be held Saturday, April 22nd at the lake.

The event will run from 7 am until 1 pm and there are cash prizes for the heaviest bass caught at the lake.

“· $100/hour slot payout for the single heaviest bass. (Excludes striped bass) 6 slot payouts! If no fish is weighed in on any hour slot then no money will be awarded that hour.

  • $500 for the single heaviest bass (excludes striped bass) of the day plus Buffalo Springs Lake Family Season Pass ($175 value)
  • 2nd single heaviest bass (excludes striped bass) of the day will also win a Buffalo Springs Lake Individual Season Pass. ($75 value)
  • $5 Striped Bass Pot (Optional) Striped bass must be 18” minimum. Heaviest Striper Bass caught for the day will win entire pot which depends on total entries.”

If you are a serious fisherman or fisherwoman, head on out to the lake this weekend!

For more information CLICK HERE!

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