Whenever you go out to eat you have to accept the fate of possibly finding something in your meal that doesn't belong there. Maybe it's a rogue French fry in your onion rings or something gross like a hair. Those are things that could be forgivable and happen often enough. But have you found a whole tooth in your food before? I definitely haven't, but apparently, this Florida woman did.

Shaniqua Cobb posted this video five days ago after allegedly finding a tooth in the bread of her Subway sandwich. As you would expect, she was absolutely appalled and couldn't finish her meal after finding the foreign object in the bread. She followed up the original video asking if people knew of a good lawyer in her area so she could take legal action on the incident.

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If the tooth was in the bread like she claimed, then the Subway workers would not have been responsible for the incident. It would be an issue of the supplier that provided the bread. The tooth would have to have gotten into the bread while it was being made in order to be baked into it.

But no matter how it got into the sandwich, it doesn't change the fact that it's shocking and disgusting to find something like that in your food.

Many commenters don't believe Cobb's claim that what she found in her food was a tooth. Some think it's a bone or something from the meat or even a piece of glass. No matter what, it isn't okay to have something hazardous like that in the food. Hopefully, she'll keep us updated on TikTok about what happens with her plan to take legal action.

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