If you've ever had a sick pet or a dog that requires regular medication, you understand the plight of trying to get them to take their pills. This seemingly simple task can become much harder when those necessary prescriptions are accompanied with a foul taste -- one that cheese, hot dogs and even peanut butter cannot mask.

My sweet giant is one of those dogs that will literally eat anything. Yes, I mean toys, wood, grass, clothes...you name it and it's probably ended up in her stomach. However, when she fell ill, she legitimately ate the food that was tightly wrapped around her pill and then proceeded to spit out the medication. Crushing it didn't work either.

Pill Pockets
Photo Credit: Heidi Kaye

For many pet owners like myself, pill pockets are the only remedy, but this can become quite expensive when medications are required 365 days a year. I'm here to tell you that there's an extremely affordable solution that your dogs are guaranteed to gobble up.

Photo by Rebecca Freeman on Unsplash

My other beautiful giant was recently diagnosed with food allergies, so she was put on a special diet which requires those pill pockets and people food to go away for good. However, marshmallows are considered a hypoallergenic option that she can use to take her medications.

Simply slide in the pills and then reseal the top of this sweet treat. Just make sure to get plain marshmallows in a size that your dog can swallow; not all pups take the time to chew their food. For less than $2 a bag, this trick will not only save you money, it will also be a snack that your dog will actually enjoy.

It's important to note that if your pup is overweight or has gum disease or diabetes, make sure to check with your vet before using this pill pocket solution.

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