Other than zombies, coning and the occasional impression like "Elmo" or "Bane", life in the drive-thru is pretty much the same old same old each and everyday. "Welcome to _______ can I take your order please? Large size? Anything else for you? Your total is _______ please pull to the second window. Welcome to _____ ect..." Talk about monotonous. If I was stuck on window duty I would welcome all the pranksters that I could get.

We have seen it all on YouTube have we not? Justin Bieber and his "coning" phase, people dressed as Zombies or using their best "Bane" voice to get a cheeseburger.   I have to admit this one is the best I have seen. Some guy made a costume that looked like the front seat of his car, so that when he got in and drove around, it looked like the car was driving itself.  Then he went through a bunch of McDonald's drive-thrus and freaked out the employees.

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