Not only is he one of the biggest celebrities in the world, a multi-millionaire and platinum selling artist, Justin Beiber is a teenager at heart. I could not imagine the life that this kid has to lead. Not being able to go to the mall or a restaurant without the fear of causing a riot. The girls that follow Justin are called "Believers" or "Beleibers" and if they had the chance the would shred him to pieces, literally. Despite all of this Justin remains to be a down to earth kiddo that loves his family, especially his Grandfather and sometimes just wishes he could go home and be like everyone else. Touring Dates and Radio interviews seem to be his whole life and although they can be boring to him he always finds a way to break the monotony and give the fans what they want. Check out some of Justin's hijinks and more in this collection of Beiber videos.

Justin Pranks a Hair Salon with Ryan Seacrest

Justin Prank Calls Usher

Justin and Jayden Smith get Willow on Stage

Justin Goes Coning

Justin bust out a Freestyle

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