Has you ever gone to check on the world on Facebook only to find one of your posts was flagged and taken down? Or maybe even you were in 'Facebook jail' as it's called? Well, now we might know what you posted that Facebook didn't like.

Facebook released its community standards, a list of some of the stuff Facebook looks for and removes, or warns its users about. The stuff that isn't allowed, or could get you temporarily suspended or even banned from the social network completely, is right here. Now you know how far you can push it before you cross the imaginary line of no-no's.

Violence is banned in many forms:

  • Terrorist activity
  • Organized hate
  • Mass or serial murder
  • Human trafficking
  • Organized violence or criminal activity.
  • Regulated goods-(I'm not sure what that means specifically)

Also regulated, or outright banned, posts include:

  • Child nudity and sexual exploitation of children (such as nude images, even if they're posted with "good intentions.")
  • Images of sexual violence.
  • Bullying that "purposefully targets private individuals with the intention of degrading or shaming them."
  • Harassment.
  • Private information that could cause someone physical or financial harm.
  • Hate speech.
  • Graphic violence that "glorifies violence or celebrates the suffering or humiliation of others." It does allow graphic violence in cases that "raise awareness about issues," however, and in such cases Facebook places a warning about graphic content and requires the viewer to be over 18 years of age or older.
  • Adult nudity and sexual activity (it allows nudity if it's to raise awareness, for educational or medical reasons, however.) Pictures of art (paintings and sculptures that depict nudity) are allowed.
  • Content that's deemed "cruel and insensitive" including "content that targets victims of serious physical or emotional harm."

This is far from a comprehensive list, but it gives a good idea of what will get you suspended or even banned from Facebook for life. Until, of course, you get a new email and start a different profile, or 20, because that's what people do.

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