He won the Maxell Award. He won the Walter Camp Award. He won the Davey O'Brien Award. He's probably going to win the Heisman. And now, fans in Oklahoma want Baker Mayfield to be immortalized in bronze.

If Mayfield does win the Heisman, he'll for sure get a statue. Every Sooners Heisman winner has their own statue in Heisman Park. Billy Sims, Jason White and the rest of the legends in Norman all strike a pose in a collection.

The petition that has been circulating, and has more than 6,000 signatures so far, calls for Baker Mayfield to be crafted planting the OU flag into some turf, a call back to his infamous flag-planting after beating Ohio State in Columbus.

If the flag-planting statue doesn't work out, someone could always craft Mayfield grabbing his testicles and shouting obscenities. Maybe add some police officers and put a hoodie on the statue? Or they could set up a statue based on that guy's tattooed version of Baker Mayfield.

This is a moot point if Baker somehow loses the Heisman though. Or is it?

There's a Gofundme.com page to build Baker Mayfield a statue, "Win or lose." The page is set up for $50,000 and has received $300 in the first three months.

If the statue doesn't cost $50,000, don't worry. According to the Gofundme page,  "Everything else left over will go to a Baker Mayfield scholarship for mutts, underdogs and anyone who demonstrates the moxy (sic) and passion for winning in Baker Mayfield style."

Ah yes, the perennial underdog, Baker Mayfield.

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