Have you ever wanted to see the Wanted play Never Have I Ever?

Thanks to U.K. radio program 'Capital Breakfast,' you now have your chance! In a brand-new video posted today (Sept. 11), the group's Nathan Sykes, Max George, Siva Kaneswaran and Tom Parker play a hilarious round of the confessional party game with the show's hosts. Bandmate Jay McGuiness was M.I.A. for the segment, which is too bad for him since he's called out by the other guys relentlessly.

The fellas bravely try to answer -- or somehow get out of answering -- a variety of embarrassing and revealing questions, most along the lines of "Never have I ever sustained an injury during a special cuddle." As one can imagine, the ensuing laughs (and blushes) are countless.

The statement prompting the biggest reaction? "Never have I ever had sex with a famous person." It got quick no's from two of the guys, but a clearly embarrassed Max gets grilled mercilessly -- by the hosts and his bandmates!

Interestingly enough Nathan masterfully avoids answering that question. Ahem.

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