If there is a degree of certainty when it comes to falsehoods, then 1 million percent false is pretty much guaranteed, right? That's how false Max George of the Wanted claims those pesky Lindsay Lohan dating rumors are. Okay, so they're not dating. Or so he says.

Fans began asking the singer if he was dating the fallen actress, who makes headlines for hanging out with Lady Gaga and the fact that she used to act and is now a washed up tabloid spectacle.

Now, it's worth noting that she has followed the band around and reportedly met George's parental units.

But despite all the signs that point to dating or least maybe hooking up, the singer denies the rumors and states the contrary. There's no Maxsay. No Lindsax. See, they can't be together since we can't make a clever portmanteau word out of their names, a la ChRihanna or Jelena.

The Wanted member doth protest too much? Who knows.

But you can see the singer's tweet, denying with a million percent certainty the rumor, and claiming that there is nada between him and the flame-haired former starlet.

You can check out the rest of his feed for more denials and discussions.

Hey, Linds, you know, you can always try to meet up with Harry Styles. We hear he's single ... if you like U.K. boy bands so much and can't get Max George to admit to hookage with you.

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