UPDATE: The Lubbock, Texas Toys 'R' Us location has not yet started its store closing sale.

We've reached out to the company's corporate spokesperson for more information, including when the clearance sale would begin. This story will be updated with any information we glean.

ORIGINAL STORY: Just call me your source for all things Toys 'R' Us.

By now you know that Toys 'R' Us is closing. And now, the clearance sales have started.

The sale begins Thursday, March 22nd.

The discounts start at 25 percent off and will continue to go down each week. All stores, including the Lubbock store, are expected to close by the end of June. Of course, this could happen sooner based on store inventory.

Even though this is a sad event, get out there and save some green -- maybe even get a head start on Christmas shopping.

Two different sources, Business Insider and al.com, are both reporting that stores are set to to start clearance today, and the Business Insider article even shows what to look for.

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