Put it on a stick and throw it into a deep fryer; two of the makings of good fair food! 

The South Plains Fair is back in Lubbock, September 25 through October 3. With some help from Time, here are some fair foods that have us salivating already.


  • 1

    Funnel Cake

    The 'king' of deep fried fair food, it's part waffle, part doughnut, all GOOD!

  • 2


    Pie and fairs go together like baseball and pie! Pecan for me, please!

  • 3

    Caramel Apples

    Hated Caramel apples as a kid, perhaps due to the work and stickiness, however when sliced properly, not much comes close. Plus, it's an 'apple' for god sake- how unhealthy can that be?!

  • 4

    Cotton Candy

    About the same as giving your kiddo a few spoons of pure sugar, this sugar treat is much more fun to eat!

  • 5

    Bizarre Fair Food

    Want something as bizarre as cool-aide soaked dill pickles? A fair is usually a good place to get the bizarre, like a Krispy Kreme burger!

    Sergey Peterman LindaParton