So we had plenty of action this past year. Taylor Swift went through eight or nine guys, Amanda Bynes proved that she flunked drivers ed over and over again and Demi Moore, cougar extraordinaire looses Ashton and gets some rehab for an eating disorder. That barely scrapes the surface of 2012 so take a look at my Top 3 Hot Messes of 2012.

Hot Mess #3 Chris Brown and Rihanna
Trashing NBC studios, the swearing and racial epitaphs along with half-nude and full blown nude pictures on Twitter and of course the fighting. You put Chris Brown and Rihanna together and you get a double dose of Hot Messiness.

If RiRi wants to date a guy that beat the living S#*@t out of her then maybe she should keep it on the lolo. I'm afraid it's gonna cost her fans in the end, and Brezzy's crazy ass is one Voka-RedBull and a blunt away from killing someone! I can't wait for 2013!

Hot Mess #2 Kristen Stewart
I had a hard time with this one because I am a huge fan of K-Stew and her nude scenes in the upcoming "On the Road" movie. First of all she she had one of the most publicized affairs in Hollywood, and it was with the director of "Snow White and the Huntsman," her film, which you don’t do and she cheated on one of the most loved men on the planet Edward Cullen aka Robert Pattinson. If that was not enough she followed up with a complete and utterly humiliating melt down in front of the world over the loss of Robert.

One one hand if Rob Pattinson forgives her then the fans will forgive her. But on the other hand, she may come off as the hot girl that gets whatever she want and the fans may resent her for it. Whatever. Kristen I forgive you and I will be waiting.

Hot Mess #1 Lindsay Lohan
Ladies and Gentleman I present to you the Queen Bee #1 Hot Mess of 2012, Lindsey Lohan. Where and the hell do I begin? Well how about the fact that she was charged with four felonies on two coasts all on the same day and was just the way she wrapped up the year. From horrible movie performances to drunken antics, LiLo has done it all including hitting rock bottom by taking 100k from Charlie Sheen.
I don't see a comeback in 2013 for Lindsay. Looks like there may be a future in B movies/softcore porn in her future. Honestly I don't feel sorry for her one bit. Talk about chance after chance. Even jail time cannot stop the devil within the little redheaded monster.

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