Seems Lindsay Lohan's cash flow problems aren't getting any better. She can't afford her crib and she's even selling her clothes -- and now her storage unit is being auctioned off because she's way behind on the monthly rental fees.

Get on this, A&E. This could be your highest rated episode of 'Storage Wars' yet.

Ever trusty Lilo sources say she owes the storage company $16,000, and she can't access the locker without paying the bill in full – which is an impossibility at this point as her bank accounts were frozen by the IRS. As a result, she stands to lose family heirlooms, designer clothing and other personal effects.

The unit is set to be auctioned off this month. Lindsay reportedly asked for money from friends and family, but considering she didn't even thank Charlie Sheen for his helping hand, chances are slim anyone's gonna pony up the cash to get her out of this mess.

Treasure hunters, start your engines. Items that reek of wasted potential could be yours -- for the right price.

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