The headline will make you think twice, but yup, someone pulled the old 'meat down the pants' trick in Odessa.

According to KWES TV in Odessa, 48-year-old Mark Vandussen decided to go into an Odessa Market Street location and pick up some meat.

Odessa Police Dept.
Odessa Police Dept.

But, as you can probably figure out, he decided that paying for it was too much trouble, so he simply stuck it in his pants and that was that.

Of course, police were called and Mr. Mark “The Meat” Vandussen became a resident of the Ector County Law Enforcement Center.

Mark “The Meat” had three priors for theft. We're not sure if any were meat-related or not.

But I have so many unanswered questions.

  • What kind of meat did he take?
  • What recipe was he going to use? Meatloaf? Grilling?
  • BBQ Sauce or no?

These are important questions, and if I get any answers I will check back in with you fine folk!

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