I am fairly open with all of you that listen to me on air or read my blogs - so most of you know that I happen to have several 'health issues'.  So it goes without saying that I have met several doctors and nurses in my life.

Because of all of my 'health issues' - I'm fairly certain that this is the reason my husband became a nurse - you know, to let me know when it is I REALLY need to go to the ER and spend a million dollars on health care vs when I just need to take some Advil and go to bed (which saves a TON in medical bills!).

But unfortunately, there have been those times that I had to rack up several thousand dollars in medical bills by going to the ER - and now those nurses that took care of me and kept me alive (as they have done for SO MANY OTHER PEOPLE) might die.

Kim Bradley and Phillip Bellah are both fighting a very scary war with cancer.  I will not go into all of the details behind the cancer, but I can tell you that there is a chance they may not win.  That in itself is heartbreaking - especially when they have dedicated their life to save the lives of others - but also because they have families that might have to live without them.

Therefore, there is a fundraiser that has been planned to raise money to help Kim and Phillip and their families. It will be August 10th at LPFFA Union Hall 8517 Urbana.  There will be food, live music and a silent auction.

And while I am writing this blog to get the word out for the fundraising event and seek support - I am also writing it as a reminder to you - the doctors and nurses and techs and paramedics and everyone else in the medical field/First Responder dedicate their lives to save yours - but they are still human and sometimes they need US to save THEIRS.

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