Hangovercure.org recently conducted a large survey to determine the most iconic and popular alcoholic drinks from every state. Some are obvious, some are surprising, some sophisticated, and some... disgusting.

In California, residents love Napa Valley Wine. No surprises there.

In Florida, they reach for a Mojito, which makes sense with the large Cuban population, and also because it's incredibly delicious.

Alaska's favorite is...duck farts. The juvenile, too-sweet layered shot that gets you hammered. Great job, Alaska.

New Orleans loves the sophisticated Sazerac: An elevated combination of cognac, absinthe, bitters, and a sugar cube.

In Oklahoma, they like something called a Lunchbox, and it sounds so incredibly gross to me. It also has to be guaranteed heartburn.

Both Virginia and West Virginia love Moonshine, and that explains a lot.

Now for the big, albeit not surprising reveal for Texas:

We love a great margarita. There are many wonderful variations out there, but one of my favorites came as a total shock to me. Alamo Drafthouse makes an excellent one. Who knew? I get one every time now. I'm just celebrating Texas is all.

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