I know that are very few of you out there that are happy with their own bodies. Some of you hate your big booty or oily skin. So if you could trade up for a celebrities parts who and what would you choose?

A plastic surgeon in Santa Monica has released a list of the most sought-after celebrity body parts for women and men.  The most desired "overall look" for women is that of Jennifer Aniston, while guys want to give off that super-heterosexual, Hugh Jackman vibe.

 The celebrity "body" most women are going after is Gisele Bunchen , while men want a body like the one Channing Tatum showcased in "Magic Mike". Keira Kightly has the most "in demand" female jawline.  Conversely, the male jawline that gets the most attention belongs to Robert Pattinson.

Women are asking for cat-like eyes like Megan Fox, and men want Ian Somerhalder eyes.  Katy Perry has the skin every woman wants, while men want to look as silky smooth as Orlando Bloom.

Angelina Jolie has the best lips and Beyonce' has the best butt and apparently, Leonardo Dicaprio has the boyish cheeks that a lot of men are dying for.

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