The Lady Raiders have kicked off (is it okay to say kicked off?) the 2021 basketball season and they're looking for passionate fans.

Do you know what's a dang shame? I cannot remember a time in my entire career when a Texas Tech coach bothered to visit our station and ask for our support. You'd think if they were hitting up stations, the first one they'd want to hit up is the number one station. Lady Raiders Coach Krista Gerlich visited us on Tuesday, and let's just say I'm sold.

Okay, I'm a dirty liar. The Lady Raiders visited my haunted house (I'm pretty sure they do every year) and I was impressed by the class and poise that they conducted themselves. People tend to get a tad squirrely at haunted houses, but the ladies enjoyed their visit while maintaining their cool. To me, this adds up to a team that merits our support.

What do you go to a game for? To enjoy a night out, to cheer someone onto victory, for the adrenaline boost of a close game? You are going to find all of those things at a Lady Raiders game. These aren't spoiled kids or pampered athletes, these ladies have to work hard for every bucket AND every fan in the stands.

I would certainly put this team out there for parents of girls who need role models. These girls have drive, tenacity and don't behave as if playing time or victory is owed to them. They exude gratitude, and that's one of the noblest things a person can do.

If you'd like to hear out the interview, it's below. Check the Lady Raiders 2021-22 schedule here and find yourself a new, worthwhile team to root for.

If you missed The RockShow's visit with Coach Krista Gerlich, catch the full interview below:

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