Christmas is a joyous time for candy and I love almost all of it.

There are candy canes, fruit sours, gum drops, an entire rainbow of colors and flavors. Homemade candy like Marsha Washingtons are delectable, amazing treats. I even like the weird grandpa candy like those sugar ribbons that shred the roof of your mouth. But I take serious issue with Texas' favorite candy. It's just, gross. Really gross.

It's...Pez. Yuck. What is wrong with you people? polled over 50,000 customers and inquired with major candy manufacturers, so sadly this is a pretty scientific result. At least I can take solace in the fact that my fellow Texans are surely only buying this weird vitamin chalk bricks because the dispensers are so dang cute.

Here's's complete map, in case you want to send a better candy to out-of-town relatives.



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