Living in Lubbock is great because there is tons of great food, entertainment, and random things going on that you can have a new story to tell every Monday. Well I seem to always have some kind of story to tell everyday and I almost forgot about one instance in particular.

I was running late one Saturday afternoon to listen to a local band, featuring our own Jimbo, when I saw what seemed to be some trash bags in the distance that someone just threw out. Living outside the city limits its very common for people to dump their trash and whatever else they don't want and go on about their lives. As I got closer I noticed that the trash bags were moving and that's when I discovered that these trash bags were not trash bags but dirty little creatures.

The creatures were in fact a herd of little pigs and piglets playing in the ditch and getting dirty just living their best pig lives. This is not the first time these cute little pigs had been out to play as they have gotten out before to enjoy the day and bask in the sun. Now I am not sure who owns these pigs but it might be wise to put a collar on one with a tracker so they can be found next time they get out. They are so cute but I am afraid that someone might snatch one up and turn it into bacon or chicharrones, with some Valentina Salsa of course, and that would be a shame.

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