Texas lakes and rivers are brimming with a type of freshwater fish that looks more like a monster than an aquatic creature. While there are seven varieties of gar fish, the alligator gar is definitely the most notable.

Reaching up to 13 feet in length and up to 300 pounds, this is an animal that most people would not want to come face-to-face with when enjoying some time in the water. Unfortunately, one Texas woman found her foot in the mouth of one of these terrifying fish this past Monday.

While wading in the shallow waters of Sunrise Beach on Lake Corpus Christi, Joanne Garcia suddenly felt a painful bite from an alligator gar's two rows of razor sharp teeth. Her immediate reaction was to try and shake the animal off of her foot, which is likely when most of the damage was done.

Thankfully, the 2-3 foot gar unlatched its jaw and quickly swam away, but needless to say she spent the remainder of her 4th of July holiday inside. Texas Parks and Wildlife notes that this type of interaction is a rare occurrence, as these creatures are normally quite docile when left alone. It's likely that Garcia was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, or that the animal mistook her foot for another fish.

Credit: tpwd.texas.gov

While this gives some relief to those who like to frequent the many lakes and rivers in this great state, the incident is an important reminder that we are visitors in these bodies of water and to always watch where you step. Additionally, keep a close eye on your pets in these shallow areas as well. When threatened, these fish are a force to be reckoned with and on top of their fang-like teeth, they also have sharp interlocking ganoid scales that can easily cut flesh. 

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