I was out and about doing radio things when I stumbled upon something at Texas Tech campus that was just a bit hairy. Raider Relief partnered up with Wade Gordon Academy to bring students from the cosmetology school to campus.

Marina Avila, the director of admissions for Wade Gordon, states that the partnership between the two schools came to be because they are used to helping the community. Wade Gordon does offer haircuts to the Salvation Army, low income people, and even does free back to school haircut events so there was no question when it came to coming to Tech's campus to offer free haircuts. Avila does state that they love to have their students get practice in on real people and loved the turn out of students with hopes that they could do it again.

Alex Arguello is a graduate assistant at Raider Relief Advocacy and Resource Center which helps students that are in some sort of instability and offers help to basic needs like their food pantry, financial coaching, or just needing emergency fund relief. Arguello did inform us that this partnership with Wade Gordon to offer free haircuts came to be because some students might not have transportation or the funds to get those services done.

Mikael Donnovan, Townsquare Media
Mikael Donnovan, Townsquare Media

This opportunity does actually benefit both schools as most of the barbers that were at this event are students themselves getting in practice with cutting an actual persons hair. There were instructors on site to help the students during the consultation to ensure that the Tech students leave happy with their new haircuts. Chris Neal has been an instructor for 5 years and let us know that he recently moved to Lubbock after the barber program came to Wade Gordon back in February. He states he loves watching the students grow and how they grasp the idea of changing someone's life.

This event was free to student's with at Tech I.D. and gave away a few vouchers to students who were waiting and needed to go to class. A haircut is one of the simplest things that many people don't think twice about but for some it can change their whole day. There is no word when the next haircut event at Texas Tech will be but the Wade Gordon Academy does offer $8 mens haircuts and for any students needing help with basic needs can contact Raider Relief Advocacy at raiderrelief@ttu.edu.

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