Almost everyone saw the famous Texas Tech fox run across the field during the Arizona State game. But the mischievous creature also made an appearance in the women's restroom.

Texas Tech fan Alex Rangel snapped a picture of the fox sitting on a toilet inside a bathroom at the southwest side of Jones AT&T Stadium Saturday night.

Rangel told 1340 The Fan that no one had a chance to stop the fox from running into the bathroom because of how fast it was.

"They actually closed down the bathroom shortly after," Rangel said. "I honestly think the poor thing was more scared than anything."

Many people believe the fox is a good omen that brings luck to the Red Raiders. That was certainly the case on Saturday, when the team eked out a 52-45 win against Arizona State thanks to a goal-line run by Wide Receiver Dylan Cantrell.

1340 The Fan's on-field photographer, Ashley Wirz, was able to take several amazing shots of the fox when it made its initial appearance during the game. Check them out below.


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