Do you have a few months free? Are you fairly attractive but kinda dumb and unnecessarily sassy? Big Brother Season 19 might be your dream job then.

What happened to this poor girl?
What happened to this poor girl?


I'll be really honest, I haven't seen an episode of Big Brother in probably 16.5 seasons but I imagine the premise is approximately the same.  Some strangers live is a house full of cameras and cry and work out a lot and somehow someone- wins? I'm not sure.

Anyway if this sounds good to you there's an open casting call coming up in the bustling metroplex that is Wichita Falls. It's April 22nd at a (I'm totally not kidding) Kia dealership. This is just becoming a better and better opportunity for your life.

Good luck and if you do decide to audition, PLEASE contact me, I'd love to chronicle your journey insofar as whoever makes Big Brother will let me after they own you.

Conquering Arby's MEAT MOUNTAIN!



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