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Vaccine mandates have been among the big debate points across the nation and here in Texas. Recently, Governor Abbott issued a new Executive Order banning private businesses from mandating that their employees get vaccinated, however some businesses have indicated they would ignore Abbott's order and defer to President Joe Biden's announcement last month of a vaccine mandate.

More than two months ago Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced an Executive Order banning government entities from forcing employees in Texas to get vaccinated. That order extended to school districts but some districts have attempted to defy the executive order on vaccines and on masks.

On Thursday, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced that the Texas Supreme Court had decided to temporarily halt the enforcement of San Antonio ISD's vaccine mandate. This means those employees can not be fired for refusing to get vaccinated account to a press release by the Attorney General.

Attorney General Ken Paxton applauds the Texas Supreme Court’s decision to temporarily stop enforcement of San Antonio Independent School District’s vaccine policy requiring that all its employees be vaccinated for COVID-19 by October 15.


“No local entity is above state law.” Attorney General Paxton said. “I am glad to see that the Supreme Court of Texas has again confirmed that the Governor’s decisions control at both the state and local levels. This decision should serve as a reminder to all Texas school districts that they should be using their limited funds on educating children and equipping teachers, not defending unlawful vaccine mandates.”

You can read the full decision by the Texas Supreme Court here.

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