That's a lot of blow.

Saturday afternoon, sheriff's deputies in Rankin County Mississippi arrested a Texas man carrying over $1 Million worth of cocaine.

During the search of the vehicle, 75 pounds of cocaine was seized. The driver, 46-year-old Luis Carlos Alvarado of Odessa was arrested and charged with aggravated trafficking of cocaine. Alvarado is being held in the Rankin County jail in Brandon.

This is not the only recent cocaine bust in Texas. A drug-sniffing dog helped uncover over 240 pounds of cocaine in November.

Agents inspecting a truck at a South Texas border entry point seized more than $2 million worth of cocaine wrapped in about 100 packages last November.

Think that amount of cocaine is bananas? Yes, but wait there's more. A shipment of bananas that were not claimed Freeport, TX were offered as a donation to a Texas prison. During pick-up the guards noticed something seemed off.

It turns out there was $18 Million of cocaine hidden within the fruit.

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