There are a couple of iconic rides that always elicit a smile when they're seen on the mean streets of the Hub City. One is the colorful Grinchmobile, and the other, its polar opposite.

The slick black Lincoln affectionately known as the "Cocaine & Hookers" car, because of the prominent decal in the back window, is in danger of no longer patrolling the streets of Lubbock, mostly due to the fact that it's (quite literally) falling apart.

Screenshot: GoFundMe: House N Cass
GoFundMe via House N Cass

Over time, the car has fallen into a state of disrepair. As it's the owner's only mode of transportation, they're in desperate need of help to get it back into shape. As a result, a GoFundMe has been set up to help offset the cost of repairs. As the online plea reads:

So... As everyone knows about the ledgend car. But first and foremost, let me start by saying, the man in the car and involved. Is First. A father of three beautiful daughters,
A standup brother, a good stand up man and will always be there first and foremost if needed. This is his only transportation. And his job is to deliver food and rides or and anything he can. To help out. This car is what makes his living. And its in need of lots of repairs!!!! So...please let's help keep this man and the ledgend car ALIVE!!

Now, who among us can honestly say that they don't love cocaine and hookers? AMIRITE?

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While we won't take off points for misspelling the word "legend," as of the publication of this article, only $40 dollars has been raised out of a hoped for $5,000. So we have to ask:

What the hell, Lubbock?

Even if the owner of the car may be showing questionable judgment by some for sharing his passion for sinful things, his whip is as much a part of the fabric of Lubbock as the Buddy Holly Statue, holiday shootings at the South Plains Mall, and several pounds of New Mexico dust gathering in our lungs every two weeks. So, dig deep and keep this rolling testament to probable cause on the road.

Happy motoring, and use protection, please.

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