Homework? Check... Backpack? Check.... Lunch Money? Check.... Fully loaded AK-47, knife and hand guns? Check...You see it on the news and think it can not happen here. Wrong!

A San Antonio high school student is in police custody after he allegedly brought an AK-47 assault rifle and other loaded weapons into the school.

North East Independent School District spokeswoman Aubrey Chancellor says the unidentified student on Monday brought three loaded firearms and a knife to Madison High School. The AK-47 was found hidden in a bathroom. Chancellor says ammunition was found in the student's backpack. -Lubbockonline.com

The school was immediately placed on lock-down, no shots fired or anyone injured. The Chancellor told the Express-News the boy was upset with a teacher.

His parents reported him as a runaway when they woke on Monday morning and was missing.

The student's intentions were not immediately clear.

LESSON TO BE LEARNED: Talk to your kids not at them. Unplug from the web once a day and spend spend some real time with them and never be afraid to ask "Is everything alright?"