The Texas DMV board recently approved two new specialty plate designs, according to a press release. One celebrates the iconic Route 66 road sign, and the other is an attractive sports stripe design.


From the Texas DMV:

The Route 66 plate design was proposed by My Plates after they conducted a survey in 2017 where hundreds of people registered support for the new design.  The plate design features the iconic Texas road sign US.66 and carries the popular slogan “Get Your Kicks” along the legend area of the plate. [...]

The second plate approved is a new design that sports car

enthusiasts should be excited to order. The Racing Stripe – Red plate is designed to complement the many sports cars driving the roads of the Lone Star State with a black & red racing stripe paint job.

Two hundred of each plate must be pre-ordered for the plate to be produced. If you're interested, head over to right now.

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