With last week's story of racism in Lubbock still fresh in a lot of our minds, it's always great to see a story where the victim has the last laugh.

According to the NY Daily News, 16-year-old Lampasas, Texas teen Dannie McMillan was recently the victim of some scumbags attempt to criticize her over her weight by making a fake Twitter profile featuring her face with a cartoon whale covering the top.

The now defunct page was named 'Dee's a Fat Whale.' Dannie, nicknamed 'Dee,' first noticed people in the hallways of her school snickering behind her back and giving her strange looks, then she discovered the culprit.

After spending a day in tears due to the cruelty, Dee decided to turn the situation around. In an interview with KCEN-TV, Dee explained that she messaged one of her plus-sized idols, Laura Lee.

Dee said: "Part of me wants to cry all day. And, the other part of me wants to get a T-shirt with a whale on it and wear it to school to show that they can't get to me." Laura Lee agreed, and they both moved forward to create a T-shirt that says 'Dee The Fat Whale Saves The Whales'.

The shirt carries a price tag of $20, with all proceeds going to benefit Save the Whales, a nonprofit dedicated to educating the public about the need to protect marine life. She also started a GoFundMe page to drum up additional donations. That page has raised nearly $8,000 to date.

Bullying or harassment on any level, whether it be because of the color of your skin, your ethnicity, mental or physical handicap or body size and shape is simply deplorable. It's great to see a strong Texas teen flip the script and be a hero despite the humiliation. Way to go, Dee! I'm buying an XL.