It's not smart to put your most hateful thoughts on social media. A Lubbock man found that out last night after unleashing a threatening, racially-charged rant on Facebook against another man.

By the time I saw this screenshare on Facebook Wednesday night (March 9), it had already been shared over 1,100 times -- and that was just by 9:14 p.m. Who knows how many more times it had been shared before it was pulled down?

Now remember: shares are exponential. So 1,100 shares doesn't mean just that 1,100 people saw it, but that 1,100 people each posted it on their pages so thousands more could see it.

Racists are funny. They tend to believe everyone of their race (no matter what it is) will stand behind them. It's not true. People of all colors know that behavior like this is reprehensible and not appropriate. People like this have diseased minds and perverted views and the rest of humanity will not stand for it.

This guy found out pretty quick he's no "white master." I also think it's amazing that the person he was harassing handled it with grace, humor and love. So, which guy do you want to be?

You can see the exchange below. We've hidden the names of the two people involved.

racist message
Facebook screenshot
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