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I have seen some weird gifts at those gift exchanges, this is definitely the weirdest of all time.

You have probably done a White Elephant gift exchange. You set a dollar limit and just get each other wacky gifts. You usually play games until you finally get your gift. Rakhi Desai had a White Elephant gift exchange with some friends in Houston and ended up with one of the weirdest gifts at the end of the night. It was a bear with a stitched up heart on it and it says Neptune Society on its foot.

She decided to see what this bear was from because she said it felt like rocks inside of it. She found the Neptune Society, which is a company that puts the cremated remains of your loved ones inside of a bear. She says it makes sense since the bear's tag reads, "I hope I can bring you comfort in whatever life brings your way." Desai asked her friend where she got the bear and she had purchased it at an estate sale.

Desai has tried to contact the company, but they don't keep track of what happens to the bears after they're sent out. Desai is hoping a family missing their bear sees this story so she can get it back to them. “Miracles happen every day. So if there’s a positive end to this story, that would be great,” Desai said.


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