Graduation is finally here, and this can be a day full of both joy and fear; joyful that it's finally over and you have your degree and fearful of entering the "real world".

No more 4am parties and sleeping  until noon. It's time to get a JOB and pay back all that money you borrowed for the 4 year bender you have been on.

With that in mind here are some gift ideas for that 2014 Texas Tech grad that makes sense and will actually come in very handy.

Cash or Gift Cards:

Obviously cash rules when your fresh out of college and any and all will be appreciated. If that's to impersonal then keep reading.

Pay for a Moving Truck:

For most grads community living and dirty roommates have to go, so a move is inevitable. It may be across town or to a different city or state. What ever the case a U Haul or professional moving company would be a blessing no matter where they are heading.

Professional Attire:

Oh the good old days of a Chive T-Shirt, shorts and flip-flops are over and from undies to shoes, new grads are going to need everything to look the part and land that job of their dreams. Don't forget about the Alumni gear that every graduate wants and needs.

One Last Blow-Out Vacation:

With real life about to begin and no more Spring Breaks, one last blow-out is a must for every college grad. Vegas or New Orleans are great places to visit and find the kind of drunken, irresponsible atmosphere that your grad is looking for. Offer to pay for their gas and hotel or plane tickets.

Texas Tech Season Tickets:

The one thing every Tech Alumni will love is season tickets for our TTU Red Raiders football season. Tailgate parties, old friends and our Boys is a must have for every alumni.

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