Need come company in your backyard? Hang out with your favorite Arlen crew over in Angleton.

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'King of the Hill' hasn't been on television in years, but people still have a passion for this show. I think it's because we all know someone here in Texas that we can relate to at least one of these characters. I know a lady that talks EXACTLY like Peggy Hill speaking Spanish and she thinks she an expert.

Here in Wichita Falls, we have a love/hate relationship with 'King of the Hill'. It was pretty cool to see the show visit our town, but they made it seem like the best part of Wichita Falls was being so close to Oklahoma. I personally don't think that's why people live here, but hey, I could be wrong.

Looks like Jameson Skipper is a massive fan of the show and has redesigned his fence. Hank Hill, Boomhauer, Dale and Bill are all hanging around drinking an ice cold Alamo beer. It's some very good art of the gang and I kinda want to do something with my fence like this.

I just think we need a 'King of the Hill' alley somewhere in downtown Wichita Falls. Maybe have some sort of project go on before one of our monthly art walks? Come on Wichita Falls artists, I believe in you!

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