Viva Tequila!  It is the preferred spirit here in Texas! Well, that's according to Toast, a digital service built for restaurants, and their 2023 Restaurant Trends Report. According to their website, "the Toast platform serves approximately 93,000 restaurant locations as of June 30, 2023." So, they are definitely in the thick of the industry.

Here is what they looked at to determine the outcome of the "Most Popular Alcohol by State" section...

"To better understand alcohol trends in restaurants, Toast analyzed how the popularity of select drinks and spirits varied for restaurants on the Toast platform from state to state. Toast analyzed the sale of beer, wine, cider, hard seltzer, and spirits: vodka, tequila, whiskey, gin, rum, and brandy."


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I think we knew this already, but a lot of tequila is consumed here in Texas. Despite our heavy drinking of Tequila here, Vodka has long ruled the majority of United States as the most popular spirit but things are changing.  Georgia, Arizona, and Florida now have tequila as their number one spirit. Still, according to the report, Texas is still the Tequila state...

"It’s no surprise that tequila has heavily influenced states along the Mexican border. Texas was the highest consumer of tequila per restaurant location in our cohort in Q2 2023, drinking 119% more tequila than the average for diners at restaurants we looked at in other states."

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Here's some other interesting findings on the 2023 Restaurant report...

*Ohio is the hard seltzer capital of the United States

*Massachusetts is the largest consumer of wine

*The most popular alcoholic drink in all 50 states is beer


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