I don't know how much of this will fall on deaf ears, but it's worth saying.  We have a chance to move the Texas Tech program and experience forward this weekend.

Texas Tech v Arizona State
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Texas Tech has been desperate for a "rivalry" for forever. Unfortunately it's not something you can invent, it has to be organic. It's not going to come from calling each other names, dirty chants or even cheap hits. It's going to come from lining up across the ball from them and smacking them in the mouth, play by play and game by game.

Throwing stuff, harassing opposing fans and booing only make us look like the small town program they think we are. If we're there cheering injured players when they get up, or being respectful during their introductions, it's going to go a long way towards showing the folks from Austin that we do it right.

This game will be televised and is also designated a "Celebrate America" game. It's also the final game for graduating Seniors. Let's show everybody some poise, class and honor at the final in town game of the year.

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