In Taylor Swift‘s newest single ‘The Story of Us,’ the songstress takes on a new sound, as the song is laden with rock and pop elements and less country. The song features classic Swift lyricism, as she sings about, what else, stupid ex-boyfriends.

Swift was prompted to write the up-tempo, guitar-driven track after seeing an ex-boyfriend at an awards show. “I was seated a couple of seats away from him and there was so much that needed to be said, and neither one of us was willing to say it,” Swift says in statement on her official website.

She continues, “We were both acting like we were engaged in conversations with people that we don’t even know. It was just miserable. I was telling my Mom about it later, and I said I felt like I was standing alone in a crowded room. And then I was like, ‘Gotta go. Bye!’ And my Mom is used to that at this point so, that’s what this song is about.”

As always, Swift does an excellent job of articulating her emotions into song lyrics. “Now I’m standing alone / In a crowded room / And we’re not speaking / And I’m dying to know / Is it killing you / Like it’s killing me? / I don’t know what to say / Since a twist of fate / When it all broke down / And the story of us / Looks a lot like a tragedy now,” Swift belts out in the chorus.

‘The Story of Us’ is featured on Swift’s third studio LP, ‘Speak Now.’ In other Swift news, the country crossover artist is currently on her Speak Now tour, and she recently won Entertainer of the Year at the 2011 American Country Music Awards.
Story Courtesy of : Cristin Maher

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