How many of you out there have heard of or fantasized about the whole Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson thing? Well it looks like it was just a phase for Lindsey as the two have no been seen together for some time now, but Samantha is still around and it looks like someone lied to her! Someone actually told her she could sing! LIAR LIAR LIAR!

Lohan's ex-girlfriend DJ Samantha Ronson performed as a singer on "Live! with Kelly" yesterday, and she's not good. Although Kelly claimed she liked it. There is no way that a human could have liked it, a cat maybe. Samantha's band, Samantha Ronson & the Undertakers, put out their debut album last year. It's called "Chasing the Reds". Here is that performance for you. i'm warning you might want to take the cat out of the room.

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