Top Selena Songs
Selena month is coming to a close, and I thought to myself:
"What better way to end things than with my top 5 pics for best Selena songs!"
So here we go!
Number 5 - Baila Esta Cumbia
This is such an energetic song for the period, her vocals really stand out and she proved to the world …
Remembering Selena on the 5 O'Clock Bomboocha!
Finishing up Selena month here at KISS FM, we will celebrate the life and music of the one and only Selena!
Starting at 5 p.m. on Friday Tommy the Hacker will play an all Selena mix for your drive home.
She is considered the woman who helped define the role of Latina's in Tejano music...
Fiesta de la Flor - Celebrating Selena's Life
Fiesta de la Flor starts today. This is a two-day music festival celebrating the life and music of Selena Quintanilla.
From Fiesta de la Flor:
“Selena Quintanilla’s memory is as alive today as it has been all these years since 1995 when she was suddenly taken from the world...

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