You might be stranded if you own certain Volkswagon's
Volkswagon just can’t catch a break. They have announced a recall of around 280,000 2006-2010 Passats and 2009-2016 CC’s.
What’s the problem?
Fuel pump computers that shut down, and with no fuel, you can’t drive. Of course, this poses a d…
Texting & Driving Is About to Become a Thing of the Past
The Texas legislature passed a new law that goes into effect on September 1st and more than likely it will affect you.
On Friday, September 1, 2017, it is illegal in the state of Texas to text and drive.
Distracted driving has become a big issue in Texas, so much so that all drivers 16-24 and new driv…
All New Drivers In Texas Have To Learn About Distracted Driving
If you are 18-24 or over 24 and have never had a license in Texas you now get to take yet another course.
The Texas DPS is now requiring all new licensees to take a two-hour online course in distracted driving.  Distracted driving has become a huge problem in the last few years thanks to cell ph…

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